This Place Matters

Dear Supporters,

The fight for Woodlawn Stables continues and the National Trust Historic Preservation will make a decision soon regarding a new lease for the stables. As we’ve said, if the
NTHP provides WS with a new lease, the Federal Highway Administration has offered to build a new riding facility on the property on the other side of the bypass. Time is of the essence and we need to show the NTHP that Woodlawn Stables is a beloved historical treasure in our community and in their own backyard.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has a great campaign that they’ve developed to help concerned community members preserve the places they love – it’s called “This Place Matters”, from the NTHP website:

“This Place Matters is a message that resonates with people all across the country. It's a shared property of the preservation movement - a tool that can be used to advocate on 
behalf of historic places in your community, a way to gather and educate people about the
importance of preservation, or a fun way to commemorate moments and continually celebrate
the places that make a place special.

If you're a non-profit group with a mission to save historic places or an individual looking
to spread the word, feel free to use the This Place Matters message in your campaigns,
conferences, or promotions by downloading our sign and snapping a photo of your favorite
historic place. We also encourage you to upload the photo to our slideshow to join the
thousands of other places people have already posted.”

Help make this campaign work for Save Woodlawn Stables, we strongly encourage you to download the sign (we also have some available at the barn or you can make your own!) and come by Woodlawn Stables, check in at the office and snap a photo of yourself, your riding class, your family members and or friends – then simply upload the photo to the NTHP website. You haven’t let us down yet – and we can’t wait to see the results of all of your efforts. 

UPLOAD PHOTOS HERE! Send your photos to to have them added to the slideshow.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, if you have questions regarding this campaign please message us on Facebook or send and email to

Woodlawn Stables - This Place Matters