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June 18, 2012
A letter of support from the Northern Virginia Coalition of Equestrian Organizations (NVCEO) supporting the widen in place option to preserve Woodlawn Stables and as such, a place where local and military families can enjoy equestrian sports.

June 8, 2012
Letter from State Senator Adam Ebbin to the Federal Highway Administration voicing his concern that the process has not been completed in the best interest of concerned parties, historic preservation, environmental studies and the community.

June 8, 2012
Letter from State Senator Adam Ebbin to the National Trust for Historic Preservation Board of Trustees requesting that they engage closely with all affected parties, Woodlawn Stables included, so all of Woodlawn Plantation can be preserved together.

June 5, 2012
Letter to the Federal Highway Administration and VDOT from Mount Vernon District Supervisor, Gerry Hyland supporting the "Widen-in-Place" option as the least damaging option. Visit Supervisor Hyland's "Hot Topics" page to see his opinion on his page.

June 4, 2012
Joint letter from Stat Senators Toddy Puller and Adam Ebbin and State Delegates Scott Surovell, Dave Albo and Mark D. Sickles supporting the "Widen-in-Place" option to "best preserve the historic character of the Woodlawn Community, preserves the existing use of historic areas and can be done in a manner to most minimize harm to our community's historic assets."

June 1, 2012
Letter to the Federal Highway Administration from Congressman Jim Moran Supporting the "Widen-in-Place" Option and Save Woodlawn Stables. 

June 1, 2012
Letter from Congressman Gerry Connolly to the Federal Highway Administration requesting they preserve Woodlawn Stables as one of the last two equestrian facilities in the area.

May 29, 2012
A poem by Meredith Layman written from a future perspective in which the stables has been paved over.

Ruined by the Road: A View from a Future that might be Forced upon Us
I can’t even remember,
What the year was when I
First saw the barn.
I remember the horse, though.
A short, bay mustang
Not more than eleven hands high
With a white star, centered
Beneath a thick forelock.

I was in the camp that year,
But I hadn’t signed up
With any of my own friends.
Instead, I met nine new friends.
We laughed and made jokes,
Always as a group, excluding
No one but the flies.

The next summer I went back,
And groomed the sorrel pony
I had been given for the week…
The long, hot, August week.
Again, I met new people,
Made new friends, and when I
Went back home, I was happy.

I found myself drawn there.
Loving the horses, the people, calm
Even as sweat trickled across my brow.
I finally, after three years,
Began taking lessons there,
At this magical place.
Riding became my sport, my only sport,
And it soon became my hobby.

Week after week, every day
I couldn’t wait for the one hour
I could spend with the horses! 
I learned balance, control.
I have to be a team with the horse.
No, not the horse, my partner.
I learned to understand my partner,
When he was scared, or happy.
He could sense me, too.

A winter passed, with snow and rain
But the horses kept everyone warm.
At least, that’s how I felt.
Sometimes, during a lesson, we went through
The small sliver of woods
We would see deer, turkeys, groundhogs.
I couldn’t believe I was just 200 yards
From the busy, roaring road. 

That’s how it was for a while, and I was happy.
Green grass, yellow buttercups, golden horses.
But that’s how it was.

I sometimes drive by the pastures now,
But the barn is gone.
I sometimes hear a faint whinny again,
But then a car horn kills that dream. 
All those friends I made here,
All those memories,
Those were ruined by a road.
A road
Which plowed through the stables
That used to be home to 40 horses.
The fields that used to be a bumble bee’s haven,
And a doe’s resting place…
That’s gone.

May 18, 2012
A Letter to the Editor in the Fairfax County Times.

Jaimee Straley,
Jun 12, 2012, 5:45 PM
Jaimee Straley,
Jun 6, 2012, 3:39 PM
Jaimee Straley,
Jun 6, 2012, 3:39 PM
Jaimee Straley,
Jun 20, 2012, 3:18 PM
Jaimee Straley,
Jun 12, 2012, 5:43 PM
Jaimee Straley,
Jun 12, 2012, 5:43 PM
Jaimee Straley,
Jun 2, 2012, 6:20 AM