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Sample Letter

Below is a sample letter for you to use to contact your local representatives.  You can contact their office by calling or sending an email. (For your congressional representatives, please go to the provided website to send your message through their electronic email form).  We encourage you to use this letter as a guideline and personalize it with your own message.  Personalized letters are always more effective.


Please only contact Reps. Moran or Connolly based on which district you live in.  If you are not sure who your congressman is, or live outside the 8th or 11th District, you can enter your zip code at to access that information.


Gerry Hyland

Rep. Jim Moran

Rep. Gerry Connolly

Mount Vernon District Supervisor

Congressional District 8

Congressional District 11







Dear (Title) (Official’s First & Last Name):

I am writing to ask for your support and help in stopping an alternative bypass proposal being supported by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and The National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) in the current Route 1 improvements project between Mount Vernon Highway and Ft. Belvoir. This detrimental proposal divides the Stables property and facilities, removes historically significant buildings, destroys existing pasture, barn and riding facilities – making it impossible for the Stables to run in the manner it has for years as a riding school and boarding facility.


Woodlawn Stables and its historic property have provided a long and proud equestrian heritage to our area and a very special relationship with the entire community. We citizens have always placed our trust in the NTHP and their mission, believing that they would always act on behalf of the entire historic property of Woodlawn Plantation, its sprawling grounds and how it serves many of our community’s needs and goals. I feel the environmental assessment process has failed to properly inform the public of all relevant considerations so that we may appropriately respond, share our concerns and take a more active role in the decision-making process.


Woodlawn Stables is a locally-owned family business providing not only a stunning aesthetic to our area but has also created countless jobs, provided wholesome recreational activities to generations of children and adults, infused revenue into surrounding businesses and is home to hundreds of animals - both domesticated and wild. I ask that you help keep the Stables, its structures and its grounds a part of Mt Vernon’s and Fairfax County’s history and legacy.


Best Regards,