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For the Kids

Participate in the "This Place Matters" campaign. More info on the Call to Action page.

Read this link (downloadable .pdf at the bottom of the page), and Sign the petition!

We understand how effected the kids have been by the news of this by-pass-proposal and we love how they have sprung into action! Many kids have made flyers to pass out to neighbors and their schools, passed out their own petitions and even written letters to local newspapers to save the stables. They are passionate about Woodlawn and we love their help.

  • Participate in the "This Place Matters" campaign. Take pictures at Woodlawn with the sign. More information on the Call to Action page.
  • Kids can write letters to local government officials (see the "Representative Contacts" section under the "Links" tab).
  • Kids can write to their local newspapers.
  • Spread the word at school with flyers and posters (examples can be found and printed under "Printable Flyers").
  • Visit neighbors (always with an adult) and tell them about Save Woodlawn Stables.
  • Visit local business (always with an adult) and tell them about Save Woodlawn Stables.
Below is a document to help get them started.

The SWS template is a page where they can draw a picture or write a message about why they want to save Woodlawn.  This document contains our graphic, contact info and website and Facebook information.  Just print this out let the kids tell their story and then photo copy and distribute.  For safety, please always accompany your child to neighbors, other homes or businesses.  
Mark Wainwright,
May 9, 2012, 6:03 AM